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The Barbarian Dwarfare paid Victor Hurtado

You are a savage warrior in tune with the wilderness, the primal spirits and your own wild nature. You wreck havoc with your savage attacks leaving your enemies in terror as you charge from foe ...

barbarian 01-15-18 0
The Barbarian Rite Publishing paid Alex Putnam barbarian alternate 01-12-18 0
The Barbarian Core DW Core free Core barbarian vanilla 01-10-18 0
The Beast Peter Johansen pwyw Peter Johansen An inhuman barbarian who draws power from their monstrous heritage. barbarian, monstrous war and wonders pack 01-15-18 0
The Berserker Peter Johansen pwyw Peter Johansen A wild rager, capable of great feats of destruction, but at risk to himself and others. barbarian lore and lords pack 01-13-18 0

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