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Link Playbook Source Cost Author Description Category Tags Date Added Reviews
The Abjurer Mike Wice paid Mike Wice The Abjurer weaves spells of protection to shield himself and his allies from the horrible things that adventurers often find themselves facing. magic user specialist 01-16-18 0
The Champion Grim Portents free Giovanni Lanza With a single word, you can transform into an avatar of your god’s will. fighter zine 01-14-18 0
The Dwarf Fünhaver Industries paid Alex Norris, Andri Erlingsson It is up to you to be the guiding voice of this new world, shielded by wisdom and protected by ancient oaths. monstrous 01-14-18 0
The Elf Fünhaver Industries paid Alex Norris, Andri Erlingsson monstrous 01-14-18 0
The Halfling Fünhaver Industries paid Alex Norris, Andri Erlingsson monstrous 01-14-18 0
The Hardened Convict Grim Portents free Mike Burnett

You ached to see the light of day again. They wouldn’t put dogs in some of the places you’ve been kept. Sure, you did some bad things, but you had bad things done to you too. Maybe it was a fram...

fighter zine 01-14-18 0
The Hollow Knight Gulix paid Nicolas 'Gulix' Ronvel

…an armor endowed with a spirit, blocked in this world for centuries and abandoned by its Divine Creator. Use Moves specific to this playbook, which borrows from others such as the Paladin, the ...

fighter, monstrous 03-13-18 0
The Initiate Fünhaver Industries paid Josh Krutt You have learned the secret of fighting with nothing. monk 01-10-18 0
The Inscribed Neceros free Billy Barnes A rune priest capable of inscribe glyphs unto objects, places, or people for great effect. magic user, mage, cleric Neceros, rune priest, glyphs, sigils 06-27-19 0
The Kineticist Neceros free Billy Barnes Control elemental magics, honing in on one or two elements to really master magic user, mage Neceros, elemental, kinetic 06-27-19 0
The Lich Neceros free Billy Barnes Create and command an undead army, use powerful necromantic magic, and generally be a bad guy magic user, mage, monstrous Neceros, undead, necromancy, lich 06-27-19 0
The Namer Fünhaver Industries paid Andri Erlingsson ...commands the true names of the world to alter reality itself. magic user 01-14-18 0
The Necromancer Grim Portents free Mike Burnett

Power is easy, as long as you can pay the price. And for this kind of power, you’ve long been comfortable with the price. It’s not like those other magicks the mages practice … it’s faster, easi...

magic user zine 01-14-18 0
The Psion free Billy Barnes Become the master of telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and power the psychic weave with your mind. psion, magic user Neceros 04-20-19 0
The Shaman Fünhaver Industries paid Alex Norris You walk with your ancestors and partake of their wisdom. You bridge the divide between the living and the dead. While others struggle against Death, you are forever one foot in its realm. cleric 01-14-18 0
The Soulknife free Billy Barnes Summon a razor-edged blade using the power of your mind, emanate psychic powers, and dominate weak minds. fighter, psion, magic user Neceros 04-20-19 0

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