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Link Playbook Source Cost Author Description Category Tags Added Reviews
The Initiate livejournal free Mors Rattus monk 01-23-18 0
The Initiate F├╝nhaver Industries paid Josh Krutt You have learned the secret of fighting with nothing. monk 01-10-18 0
The Monk pwyw Ben K Rosenbloom, Trevor Murray a philosophical combatant, at home both on the road vanquishing foes and in the monastery debating the finer points of metaphysics. monk incomplete adventurer 08-02-19 0
The Monk Peter Johansen pwyw Peter Johansen Master of martial arts, acrobatics, and the mysterious force of ki. monk lore and lords pack 01-13-18 0
The Monk Story Games free Lula monk 01-13-18 0
The Monk reddit free videofreak222 monk 01-12-18 0
The Monk Awful Good Games paid David Guyll, Melissa Fisher This is a largely unarmed martial artist that can shift between various fighting styles. monk 01-11-18 0
The Monk Friendly Neighborhood Gamer paid Friendly Neighborhood Gamer Monks do not use weapons, but, instead, form elaborate techniques of martial prowess by merging known tags together. monk 01-10-18 0
The Prisoner Monk reddit free bread_wood monk 01-13-18 0

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