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Link Playbook Source Cost Author Description Category Tags Date Added Reviews
The Awakened Mage free Urdnot Rekt magic user 01-16-18 0
The Brawler google+ free Barrett Alexander fighter 01-16-18 0
The Caller free Unknown Inspired by Pokemon's Ash and Rydia from Final Fantasy 2; captures the images of monsters and then summons them. magic user unattributed 01-16-18 0
The Charlatan free Sears Poncho Most of these rubes wouldn't know a real wizard if one came along and turned them into a duck. So, I come through a town, put on a little show, make a few coins. Everybody wins. I leave with full ... thief 01-16-18 0
The Ectomancer google+ free Ben Halbert A non-evil necromancer. magic user necromancy 01-16-18 0
The Elegist google+ free Stephen Karnes magic user 01-31-18 0
The Elementalist reddit free Chris Wilson A Last Airbender style elementalist. magic user 01-17-18 0
The Familiar google+ free Barrett Alexander magic user 01-16-18 0
The Half Orc google+ free Rory Macleod monstrous 01-23-18 0
The Initiate livejournal free Mors Rattus monk 01-23-18 0
The Monster Hunter google+ free Robert Doe magic user 01-16-18 0
The Psychic google+ free Barret Alexander magic user 01-16-18 0
The Samurai free Unknown fighter unattributed 01-19-18 0
The Shade google+ free Josh Conway Kinda like the D&D 4e Warlock. magic user 01-16-18 0
The Shaman free Lemon Curdistan cleric 01-15-18 0
The Shaper free Unknown magic user unattributed 01-16-18 0
The Spellcaster free Trevor Cashmore magic user multi-school, non-vancian 01-16-18 0
The Virtuous google+ free Addramyr Palinor A hack of the paladin that is focused on virtues instead of religion. Backgrounds are inspired by Chinese culture. paladin 01-19-18 0
The Visitor free Jeff Stormer The Visitor is a Dungeon World playbook that allows players to become world-hopping heroes in the vein of Ash Williams, John Carter, or Arnie Niekamp from Hello From The Magic Tavern. other 01-15-18 0
The Voice free Unknown bard unattributed 01-10-18 0
The Wardancer google+ free Addramyr Palinor Wardancers are nimble elven warriors who use ritualistic wardances to fight erratically. Their signature move is Wardance which gives them Holds they can spend to activate various wardance styles. fighter 01-15-18 0
The Warlock free Shreyas Sampat Kinda like the D&D 4e Warlock. magic user 01-16-18 0

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