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Link Playbook Source Cost Author Description Category Tags Added Reviews
The Aristocrat Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy Use your money and influence to manipulate others... bard steampunk, heroes of steam 01-11-18 0
The Bard google+ free Anthony Giovannetti Part of Anthony Giovannetti's hack of the Dungeon World core playbooks bard alternate 01-13-18 0
The Bard Awful Good Games paid David Guyll, Melissa Fisher bard alternate 01-11-18 0
The Bard Core DW Core free Core bard vanilla 01-10-18 0
The Beguiler google+ free Nemo Hana A secretive master of a secret cabal, fraternity, or brotherhood who uses deception, mental compulsion, and shadowy illusion to control those around him. bard 01-10-18 0
The Celtic Bard katamoiran free Tam H The bard of Celtic lore and legend; a shapeshifter, satirist, and trickster. bard 01-13-18 0
The Dreamcatcher google+ free James Gibson

Fictionally, it’s a character that chases down dreams, delivering the good ones to kids and keeping the bad ones from going about their business. Or vice-versa! Mechanically, it functions like a...

bard shaman 01-15-18 0
The Dryad Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy A plant entity that can turn into trees and manipulate mortals. bard wrath of the wild 01-13-18 0
The Fool Peter Johansen pwyw Peter Johansen A hapless or foolhardy person gifted with amazing luck and a sense of humor. bard war and wonders pack 01-15-18 0
The Fool google+ paid Adrian Thoen ...stumble from mishap to calamity to disaster, failing forward and unwittingly leaving destruction in your wake. If you ever wanted to play a bungling buffoon and leave your party in stitches - fi... bard inverse world 01-14-18 0
The Jinbutsu Dwarfare paid Victor Hurtado

The Jinbutsu is a class focused on using his art as a form of magic. With it, they can animate drawings, sculpt creatures that come to life, and even use music to charm or harm does around them....

bard 01-15-18 0
The Master Chronicler SemiDark Arts paid Damian Jankowski bard 01-13-18 0
The Master Minstrel SemiDark Arts paid Damian Jankowski bard 01-13-18 0
The Master Painter SemiDark Arts paid Damian Jankowski bard 01-13-18 0
The Mountebank TakeOnRules pwyw Jeremy Friesen bard 01-10-18 0
The Satyr Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy You a member of the race of half-goat people who are infamously obsessed with partying. bard wrath of the wild 01-13-18 0
The Traveler Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy The knowledgeable traveler who has seen much of the world. You know where all the best inns are at, the most beautiful landscapes and the most dangerous dungeons. bard the ancient past 01-14-18 0
The Voice free Unknown bard unattributed 01-10-18 0

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