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Link Playbook Source Cost Author Description Category Tags Added Reviews
The Blackguard Vectoreal Gaming pwyw JT Seusoff A new (or at least eeeeevil) Dungeon World playbook based on the Paladin... but eeeeevil! paladin 01-19-18 1
The Blackguard Awful Good Games paid David Guyll, Melissa Fisher paladin 01-11-18 0
The Deathbringer Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy Encased in armor and armed with an weapon Death himself has granted you, you adventure out into the world to send him more soul. paladin, monstrous undead conspiracies, undead 01-19-18 0
The Gallant Timothy Schroeder paid Timothy Schroeder The Gallant's moves encourage bravery, decency, and compassion in the face of temptation to an easier path. paladin variant 01-14-18 0
The Guardian Peter Johansen pwyw Peter Johansen A tireless defender and force for justice against evil. paladin secrets and sorcery pack 01-15-18 0
The Holy Inquisitor Boldly Games paid Trenton Kennedy, Greyoak Smite the unworthy with cleansing flame. paladin grim world 01-13-18 0
The Knight Errant google+ free Ben Badger The kind of knight whose heart is in the right place, but who is actually a little mad and in over their head. paladin 01-14-18 0
The Lancer Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy

Play a glory seeking knight who specializes in riding down foes and winning hearts at tournaments. Although more self-centered than most righteous warriors, The Lancer is no less vigilant or wil...

paladin knightly tide 01-14-18 0
The Paladin google+ free Anthony Giovannetti Part of Anthony Giovannetti's hack of the Dungeon World core playbooks paladin alternate 01-13-18 0
The Paladin Awful Good Games paid David Guyll, Melissa Fisher paladin 01-11-18 0
The Paladin Core DW Core free Core paladin vanilla 01-10-18 1
The Princess Headpigeons Productions paid June Shores This complete class combines femininity, power, and grace in an archetype inspired by feminine heroines like Dorothy Gale, Fionna & Cake, and Usagi Tsukino. paladin 01-19-18 0
The Redemption Seeker Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy

A sinner who has forsaken their past blasphemous ways and now takes up the mantle of a fanatic holy warrior who will purge evil from this world with his perpetually battle frenzied zeal.

paladin knightly tide 01-14-18 0
The Saint free Oliver Threshie You may parlay your divine favor to achieve great feats and bring your will to bear. paladin 04-20-18 0
The Sorcerous Templar Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy

A crusader who has sought out the secrets of studied magic and uses its power to guide the party on their quests or to banish dark forces. The magic the Sorcerous Templar studies is of the same ...

paladin knightly tide 01-14-18 0
The Templar Liberi Gothica Games paid Jacob Randolph

The playbooks in this packet are replacement classes for the Cleric, Paladin, and Wizard, replacing them with the Priest, Templar, and Mage, respectively.

paladin alternate 01-11-18 0
The True Knight Barf Forth Apocalyptica free Androc A paladin with a less religious, more chivalrous aspect. variant, paladin 02-21-18 0
The Turtle Knight Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy

A strange knight form a foreign land who has travelled to this less savory realm to root out all cowards and villains and bring them the justice they deserve. The people of your home land, for l...

paladin, monstrous knightly tide 01-14-18 0
The Unholy Warrior Pleb Publishing paid Jordan MacCarthy A wandering and corrupt soul who beacons for the favours of evil spirits and demons to grant him boons on his quest. paladin dark and twisted 01-19-18 0
The Virtuous google+ free Addramyr Palinor A hack of the paladin that is focused on virtues instead of religion. Backgrounds are inspired by Chinese culture. paladin 01-19-18 0
The Warlord Rambling Games paid DJ Adamski The Warlord is all about leading their allies to victory on the battle field. Your Warlord can be a charismatic voice of motivation, a tactical genius, or wise general who uses what tools they have... paladin D&D 01-19-18 0

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