Eidolons of Fate is a narrative solo RPG with a strongly defined setting and mechanics tied into that setting.

Which kind of makes it a first for me; I’m more about making universal systems with optional settings.

Anyway, in EoF your hero is a Soul, a dead human who has been empowered by Fate to make some hard choices about the other Souls roaming a dusty, post-apocalyptic frontier Limbo. And who has to make those choices without losing his own humanity – literally.

Heroes divide their time between the bright, searingly surreal Ghostwilds, where they are marshals and fate mages, and the dreary Real, where they are merely ghosts.

The system is strongly influenced by Everway and Otherkind dice, and built around a deck of 36 cards I built specifically for the Game Chef 2017 contest.

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From left to right, the table of contents, the overview page and a setting excerpt.