Pythia Oracle Update 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 of Pythia Oracle is finally finalized. Ha. No changes from the last commit except to update the various tags and markers to the current version number – make it official, so to speak.

As always, see the Changelog for a full (ish) list of changes from the last version. You can get a complete overview of all features in the help here.

This will probably be the “stable” version for the foreseeable future, as I’ve simply run out of things I want to add or change!

Some Pythia Screenshots

I thought it might be useful to put up some screenshots of Pythia with actual content. These are taken in Pythia, using the screenshot feature (triggered by being in debug mode and typing a tilde into the main text box).

All of these are using the kinda official Pythia palette sin city, which is black and white with splashes of red. I use sin city, blackberries, and from hastings the most, I think, but there are nine palettes to choose from.

Category & Minor Updates

Substantial additions to the site, but not much oomph to show for it, I’m afraid. Mainly, I redid categories so they’re more accurate and top level, then made landing pages for each category to show just posts from that category.

I also updated each post to show what category and tags it belongs to. Should be fairly transparent to the...

Calypso Compendium Updated

See the original post here.

I’ve revised The Calypso Compendium a bit. Most of the changes were to the general rules section. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the wording of the core mechanic; it just didn’t have the clarity I wanted. And sometimes the directions didn’t quite mesh with my intent. So I rewrote it to hopefully be clearer, and to make the various outcomes very clean.


A while ago, when I first became interested in narrative games – wait, let’s go back a little, for some context.

When “the Forge” was in its heydey, I was playing D&D with a group of friends, as I’d been doing for half a decade at that point. We decided, collectively (and with a firm “no no nope” from the more entrenched members of the group), that “conch passing” was not for us, and went back to D&D and d20 modern, with the occasional WoD or GURPS.