Pythia Oracle Update 1.4.0 (pinned)

Version 1.4.0 of Pythia Oracle is finally finalized. Ha. No changes from the last commit except to update the various tags and markers to the current version number – make it official, so to speak.

As always, see the Changelog for a full (ish) list of changes from the last version. You can get a complete overview of all features in the help here.

This will probably be the “stable” version for the foreseeable future, as I’ve simply run out of things I want to add or change!

Writing Dice with Glyphs

In between letting Heirs simmer in the back of my brain and working on a new thing about dungeon delving, I’ve been messing around with card games, which led me to Writer’s Dice, which turns out to be a very tidy tool for handling one of the core dilemmas of soloing– “What happens next?”.

It’s licensed under Creative Commons, meaning I can poke at it a little. I don’t see incorporating it into a system directly, but instead using it as an additional layer, like Mythic.

Dynasties in Heirs

When I finished the first draft of Heirs of Sea and Shadow I was proud of myself, but I was also mad at myself over the title.

The sea is a fairly important aspect of the game (it’s on an island!), and shadows virtually define the setting, but why, brain, why, are you demanding “heirs”? Are you harkening back to the days of lyrical, golden fantasy, sent into a fit of nostalgia by all this talk of romantic fantasy? Are you just being pretentious?

Turns out, after some poking around and serendipitous discussion, my brain had a plan all along; to add a dynasty, domain, and inheritance system to Heirs.

Thanks, brain. You know I love that stuff.