The Calypso Compendium

3/13: Updated core mechanic, added more generators, more explanation, more character options. Same download link.

I wasn’t satisfied with my one page Lady Blackbird and Apocalypse World mashups. It just didn’t feel like I was getting my style across.

So I went back to the drawing board, revamped everything, gave the base system a name (“Calypso”), and put together a compiled version of all the rules and scenarios I’ve made so far, along with the Traits, Secrets, and Keys I use for my own games. And added a few more scenarios, just for good measure.

So this is the first version of The Calypso Compendium.

Chaos Oracle

I’ve probably posted this before, but I thought it’d be fun in case I didn’t. This is cribbed from Pythia’s fu panel, which is stuffed full of different oracles.

This is what I’ve dubbed “the Chaos oracle” because it makes things 114% (or so) more chaotic. It’s good for answering questions quickly and for throwing a lot of wrinkles into the mix.

Writing Tools

Here’s a quick rundown on my writing environment, just because I’m super pleased with it. I use a Mac, so some of these are mac or linux only, but the basic flow is pretty universal.

Writing with Pythia

So, finding myself between projects, I decided to write a novel. Well, another one, but let’s not talk about that, hahaha.

Usually I sketch out my plot, roughly, and then try to follow that map, more or less – because the surest way to get stuck and give up is to run into a wall of “what happens next” (trust me, I have encountered this wall many times). And there’s also “crap, what’s the conflict here?” and “I don’t even know these people well enough to do this” walls to get through.

So I’ll take any help I can get on those fronts.

Keyword Inspired Gaming

So I thought I’d go a little more in depth into how I use charts of evocative keywords instead of more specific, concrete ones. This will probably ramble a little because this is all instinctive stuff to me and I’m not used to articulating it.