New Year New Start

So it’s been awfully quiet around here lately.

I’ve still been doing my usual solo stuff. Writing one micro game a month for my personal OMGAM challenge. Playtesting those games. Running other long-term campaigns. Digging deep into old theory and new games.

I just haven’t been blogging about it.

Category & Minor Updates

Substantial additions to the site, but not much oomph to show for it, I’m afraid. Mainly, I redid categories so they’re more accurate and top level, then made landing pages for each category to show just posts from that category.

I also updated each post to show what category and tags it belongs to. Should be fairly transparent to the...

Broken Links

Sorry about any broken links. Hopefully I caught all of them.

I finally snapped and updated Jekyll’s permalinks to use just the date, instead of categories plus dates which is the baffling default. It was driving me nuts to have all that excess stuff smushed into the url with the spaces poorly escaped out, and it meant every single time I updated a post’s categories the link to it broke.

So one last big break, and that should be it (ha). Apologies if you end up here but it should hopefully be very easy to find what you are looking for.

Week Recap

Week in recap, no particular order. Just to keep the posting going on this blog and to remind myself I have, in fact, achieved stuff.

A Love Letter to a Font

Dear Lora,

You are still my favorite font ever for reading standard paragraphs of text on a screen. I love the way your italics are so tantalizingly upright – so shocking and unexpected yet subtle – and how sweet you are in long paragraphs. How you make text legible without making the place look futuristic or blocky.

Site Redesign

I cobbled together a new theme for the site, spiffed the place up a little, reorganized a few areas, and generally made it (hopefully) a lot easier to find the content you might be interested in.

Here We Go

pen and paper and python

Pretty much what it says on the tin. This is my place on the web to store my rpg stuff and python stuff and general stuff and stuff stuff. OSR & DIY mechanics, characters, and classes. Random charts. Thoughts on game design. Scripts for random charts. Solo adventure recaps. Solo adventure scripts. Random chart...