Writing Dice with Glyphs

In between letting Heirs simmer in the back of my brain and working on a new thing about dungeon delving, I’ve been messing around with card games, which led me to Writer’s Dice, which turns out to be a very tidy tool for handling one of the core dilemmas of soloing– “What happens next?”.

It’s licensed under Creative Commons, meaning I can poke at it a little. I don’t see incorporating it into a system directly, but instead using it as an additional layer, like Mythic.

Writing Tools

Here’s a quick rundown on my writing environment, just because I’m super pleased with it. I use a Mac, so some of these are mac or linux only, but the basic flow is pretty universal.

Writing with Pythia

So, finding myself between projects, I decided to write a novel. Well, another one, but let’s not talk about that, hahaha.

Usually I sketch out my plot, roughly, and then try to follow that map, more or less – because the surest way to get stuck and give up is to run into a wall of “what happens next” (trust me, I have encountered this wall many times). And there’s also “crap, what’s the conflict here?” and “I don’t even know these people well enough to do this” walls to get through.

So I’ll take any help I can get on those fronts.