Player Emulator Framework

I wanted to discuss how the tables in the PET framework work, since I think they might be a bit intimidating.

First, a little about PET, the Player Emulator with Tags (you have no idea how long it took me to come up with that name, as lame as it is). PET is designed to offload most major choices to the dice, and to let you take control of a mix of traditional GM responsibilities and traditional player responsibilities in the measures you find interesting.

Dynasties in Heirs

When I finished the first draft of Heirs of Sea and Shadow I was proud of myself, but I was also mad at myself over the title.

The sea is a fairly important aspect of the game (it’s on an island!), and shadows virtually define the setting, but why, brain, why, are you demanding “heirs”? Are you harkening back to the days of lyrical, golden fantasy, sent into a fit of nostalgia by all this talk of romantic fantasy? Are you just being pretentious?

Turns out, after some poking around and serendipitous discussion, my brain had a plan all along; to add a dynasty, domain, and inheritance system to Heirs.

Thanks, brain. You know I love that stuff.

Calypso Scenario Excerpt

I thought it might be helpful to put up an excerpt of a Scenario from The Calypso Compendium.

There are six Scenarios in TCC; Citywatch (superhero), Darkness Falls (paranormal investigation), Fantastic Journey (fantasy), Secrets & Shadows (paranormal romance), Starfarer (science fiction), and The Sword & The Rose (romantic fantasy).

Let’s go over the Scenario Darkness Falls. It’s paranormal investigation with a hero who is more than they seem, essentially The Shadow meets The X-Files and Haven.

Calypso Compendium Updated

See the original post here.

I’ve revised The Calypso Compendium a bit. Most of the changes were to the general rules section. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the wording of the core mechanic; it just didn’t have the clarity I wanted. And sometimes the directions didn’t quite mesh with my intent. So I rewrote it to hopefully be clearer, and to make the various outcomes very clean.

To Make a Murder

Just a quick brainstorm of a framework for running narrative but yet still (slightly?) objective mysteries, solo.

To Make a Murder.

It’s floppy and not as clear as it could be and is probably not anywhere near objective enough.

My gut feeling is that objectivity is going to be a hard target to hit, but maybe that’s just my...

The Calypso Compendium

3/13: Updated core mechanic, added more generators, more explanation, more character options. Same download link.

I wasn’t satisfied with my one page Lady Blackbird and Apocalypse World mashups. It just didn’t feel like I was getting my style across.

So I went back to the drawing board, revamped everything, gave the base system a name (“Calypso”), and put together a compiled version of all the rules and scenarios I’ve made so far, along with the Traits, Secrets, and Keys I use for my own games. And added a few more scenarios, just for good measure.

So this is the first version of The Calypso Compendium.

Secrets and Shadows

Edit 1/25: I made a science fiction version loosely inspired by the SF of the 70s and 80s, Starfarer.

So here’s the refined and prettified version of my Apocalypse World/Lady Blackbird inspired (powered?) game.

Secrets and Shadows

I went back to the drawing board a little, using the concept I posted a few days ago. I stumbled over a post on concentric game design in Apocalypse World, and it seemed only right to rebuild things following the principles so generously and awesomely laid out.

Apocalypse World - Lady Blackbird Mashup

Update: a refined version is available here.

I’ve spent the last twelve days in head-cold-stomach-flu hell. Not much in the way of gaming going on, shared or solo. All projects on hold.

So the thing I was working on before I got sick? Combining Lady Blackbird and Apocalypse World, or more precisely, Simple World (a short, generic version of AW) because it’s very simple to understand and modify.

Six Hours to Midnight

I got it into my head that I should simultaneously write an oracle game, run a playthrough of it, and learn how to make LaTex make it pretty.

So I tried. Not sure I succeeded very well, but hey, it was fun. Plus now I can make LaTex do some tricks.

6 Hours to Midnight is my take on what S\lay w/Me intends; a game framework where sex and love is as much a narrative tool as violence is, if not more so. It’s more heavily inspired by Lady Blackbird and Ghost/Echo mechanically, though, with a hefty dose of Otherkind.