Procrastination and Links

Down to the last bits for my latest game; just need a playtest and some quotes and some random tables and maybe another (few dozen) passes on the fluffy stuff. By “last” I mean “kinda close to last”, I guess.

Obviously I’m spending a time exploring the dark corners of the web, starting around 2011 or so, instead of doing those things.


A while ago, when I first became interested in narrative games – wait, let’s go back a little, for some context.

When “the Forge” was in its heydey, I was playing D&D with a group of friends, as I’d been doing for half a decade at that point. We decided, collectively (and with a firm “no no nope” from the more entrenched members of the group), that “conch passing” was not for us, and went back to D&D and d20 modern, with the occasional WoD or GURPS.

I Bought Blades in the Dark

I have been eying this game for months. Putting it on the “when I get time to play” and “maybe when it’s finally released” pile. But the sheer awesomeness of Lady Blackbird and Stranger Things meant I had to get it now. HAD TO.

So I finally bit the bullet and picked up Blades in the Dark. But now I’m afraid to read it because I really did just convert half my active characters to Lady Blackbird and I haven’t even done a single AP with it yet.

What if I love BitD so much I end up having to convert them all AGAIN?

Good problem to have. :)