The Dunscaith campaign is set in a vaguely late Roman empire, Wales, and Norse inspired world built largely around a megadungeon.

So naturally after a single adventure exploring the megadungeon my heroes went off into the wilderness.

  •   Dunscaith Introduction
  • ...a megadungeon in the making
  •   Dunscaith Session 1
  • ...kidnapped, hauled across the ocean, and thrown into a dark hole in the ground -- and then things take a turn for the worse
  •   Dunscaith Session 2
  • ally is made and mysteries are discovered
  •   Dunscaith Session 3
  • ...and that's when things got dangerous -- and more than a bit weird
  •   Dunscaith Session 4
  • illness, and a journey
  •   Dunscaith Session 5
  • ...bandits, a village, and a local goddess as our heroes take a short detour