10/09: Updated Dynasty rules, clarified a few things, fixed some typos. And added quite a few more charts.

A game of romantic fantasy inspired by the punchy, swingy, rapid-fire play of Trollbabe and Stranger Things. Well, it’s punchy and swingy the way I play it, anyway.

Heirs is a bit crunchier than Calypso, with a more concrete injury path and proscribed rerolls that push you down that injury track surprisingly quickly. The core mechanic uses sliders, between 1 and 10, to represent your hero’s approach to a problem, and an over-under mechanic to determine success or failure.

There’s also a full (albeit mini) descending darkness setting. With talking animals, giants, and angry trees.

And a dynasty system, with Tag inheritance and all sorts of dramatic shenanigans, so you can play out epic storylines spanning generations.

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From left to right, the table of contents, the principles of play, and an excerpt from the scenario The Lost.