The first game of my “one microRPG game a month” challenge; a two d6 attempt at combining oracle and game into one information-packed roll.

  • Very simple and easy to run without notes.
  • One mechanic for resolving conflicts, pushing the story forward, and the oracle.
  • Uses a simple Lenormand tarot inspired keyword chart.
  • Strongly narrative with a few structure board game elements.
  • Could easily be played with an experienced group, not just solo.

I also wrote a companion adventure in a loose “CYOA” format; it’s mostly system agnostic and plays into the example game in Conflicts & Complications. It’s also highly experimental; an attempt to control the narrative while allowing plenty of room for standard solo improvisation.

I was trying to go for a companion format for C&C that would be easily moddable but I don’t think this is it!