I set out to replicate the kind of horror or adventure movie where a group of skilled but flawed people are trapped in a dark place with a terrifying threat waiting to snatch them at any moment.

I also wanted to experiment a bit with an ensemble cast, so there’s plenty of intrigue, dark secrets, and broken relationships among the cast to keep things interesting.

It’s fast, cyclic, and incredibly lethal; your pool of actors essentially serves as hit points. So don’t get too attached.

  • AW-style tiered resolution, with an assembled modifier.
  • Playbooks, with fillable character sheets*.
  • Abstract Round structure, with the flexibility to direct like a movie.
  • Ensemble play; you control one of six actors at a time, jumping between them.
  • Quite a few tables.

* Checkboxes should save properly now; be sure to test before using.