What this is

a curated collection of public domain assets in eps format suitable for use in ttrpg projects


This is not intended to be a comprehensive repository of all public domain assets anywhere, or a display of such in their original formats, or warrantied to be of any use for any purpose. It is a curated repository; contributions are welcome, within that scope. The eps format may or may not be suitable for your project, as it tends to have a fairly distinctive look and some of the charm of a hand-drawn aesthetic is lost. The benefit is that it is scalable and easy to edit using vector tools. You can do some really neat stuff with it!


All of these come from public domain (as in pre-1926) works available on the internet library or similar museum sites. When possible I've tried to retain the titles in file names, but you'll have to forgive me for the ones that passed through my Affinity workflow before I got the idea to do this repo!

All files are downloaded as original scanned jp2, if available, then converted to eps using potrace, and finally to svg using imagemagick, inkscape, or exported through Affinity.

for file in *.eps; do inkscape --export-type="svg" ${file} done

some sources I favor


The original artists are long dead, and all copyright has expired (I'm not a lawyer but if someone from 1880 shows up to complain I'll gladly take a piece down, and run screaming after). I don't think simply converting between formats changes that status, so the stuff in this repo, unless otherwise marked, should be the public domain and ready for you to unleash your creativity upon it.

As always, do what makes you comfortable! And I'd love to see what you make!