What is this?

OMGAM, or the one micro-rpg game a month challenge, is a personal challenge to write one single page tabletop RPG game a month, hopefully for an entire year.

There are no prizes, and no judges. Just the satisfaction of your own work and your own creativity.


Start whenever. Don’t judge yourself; we aren’t. Fancy formatting and art are nice, but pencils and paper are cheap. One game a month is twelve games a year. You can do this.

How to participate.

Write a game! This is a personal challenge; you win by doing it to your own satisfaction.

If you also want a link to it included here on the site, upload it somewhere other people can read it, and then submit a link to it using the form, visit the discord, or open an issue on the repo.

  • Try for at least one page; more is fine, of course, but aim for one page.
  • Games can be under whatever license you prefer, but some form of CC is strongly encouraged.
  • Games will not be reviewed for tastefulness, but it does apply to the blurbs and links.