2dF-Drop Cellular Automata lemmingslike. This is a one-dimensional cellular automata, with Wolfram-style evaluation rules.

The Lodger

You’re a small group of 20-somethings living in a sprawling city, trying to work out what you’re doing with your lives.

Singer Moon

Framework for running it or another system using oracle cards. Includes oracle cards.

Rocket Powered Guild

Rocket Powered Guild, an RPG all about a league of brilliant scientists who devolved into a violent, explosive obsessed gang of mercenaries after being stranded on a frontier planet.

Paper Birds

Paper Birds is a tiny tabletop game for two or more players, written for the 2019 #SadMechJam. The themes of the jam were Emo Mecha, so there are some compromises to playability for the sake of “the art” but it does indeed function as a game in its current state.

Ghost Squadron

A mashup of Ghost Ship by Jay Iles and Psi*Run by Meguey Baker, Chris Moore and Michael Lingner. To play, you’ll need at least 6 six-sided dice.

True Lives of the Cosmic Champions

True Lives of the Cosmic Champions is a game about an endless war against monsters from beyond the solar system, and the immortal champions who cannot lose against this threat, but also cannot win. Can you maintain the drive to keep going and keep fighting? Can your bonds with the other Champions enable you to pull through? Or will your apathy and ennui become overwhelming?

The Incident

The Incident, my January one-page RPG, is now finished! This one is quite personal, it draws from my experiences growing up with autism, and having to have many awkward conversations following various “incidents”. Check out Patreon for more!

Light and Shadow

A quick solo riff on Otherkin and 6 Hours to Midnight to get back in the swing of things! The theme is “nephilim”, in an homage to my current UMF campaign.


This is a simple “roll under stat + stat system”. Action is small in scope, as implied by example actions. This (in its current form) is a game of action, not a game of nation building.

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