Pythia Oracle

Pythia Oracle is a desktop-based tool designed to facilitate solo roleplaying and to generate random content for sandbox RPGs. It’s written in Python and Kivy, cross-platform, extensible, and freely available on github.

If you’re new to solo gaming, Pythia Oracle is all you need to get started – it has a text logging area, oracles, random generators, plenty of space to track information, and automatic markdown and html logs if you want to show off your adventures on your blog.


Take a look at the help for a comprehensive overview of everything Pythia can do. My blog has some actual play logs, all generated with Pythia. And the readme will walk you through the installation process.


title screen oracle screen generator screen map screen

Things to watch out for

Pythia Oracle is a one-person project and designed for my own use and play style. It’s a little quirky. Scenario support is still in there but virtually unsupported at this point. Annoying bugs are probably lurking. I have crammed in way more buttons and text than is sensible or user-friendly.

It’s probably a bit overwhelming at first glance.

Please keep an eye on your saves and verify that your logs look the way you expect them to, frequently. The saves and backup directories are located in the root directory alongside the main scripts. Automatic backups are made unless you explicitly disable them; check the file for details.

Not much else to say right now. If you need me, let me know at github (for a somewhat speedy response) or on my extremely quiet blog (for an eventual one).